Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wellness Wheel

Dimensions of Health & Wellness
 Revisiting this chart periodically is so valuable to me.  I helps me to put things into perspective, and try to improve areas of my life that I mindlessly neglect, which is so easy to do when caring for 3  young children and a home.  Living well is about balance and wholeness.
Each of the "slices" actually consists of two parts.  I like to think of them as the "crust" and the "filling."  The foundation, or the crust, is Health, and Wellness is the goodness inside.
  • Emotional health/Wellness: Dealing & coping with daily circumstances with personal feelings that are positive, optimistic and constructive.  Free from emotional illness & possess emotional wellness
  • Intellectual Health/Wellness: Ability to learn and use information to enhance quality of daily living and optimal functioning.Free from illnesses that invade the brain and affect learning & possesses Intellectual Wellness.
  • Physical Health/Wellness: Fit vs. Unfit. Ability to meet the demands of the days work and use free time effectively. Good Physical Fitness & Motor Skills. Free from illnesses that affect physiological systems of the body
  • Social Health/WellnessInvolved as opposed to lonely.  Ability to interact with others and establish meaningful relationships that are beneficial for all people involved in the interaction Free from illnesses & conditions that limit social interaction such as antisocial tendencies.
  • Spiritual Health/WellnessFulfilled vs. Unfulfilled.  Establishment of a values system and act on the system of beliefs, as well as carry out meaningful life time goals.

The Blue Day Book

The Blue Day Book is a great little book to have around the house.  It has helped me talk with my kids about thinking positive thoughts, and trying to be happy even when things aren't going the way I planned.  It consists of wonderful photos of animals and the frustrating situations that they get themselves into.  My sister-in-law sent it to my husband when he was having a bad week.  So far, I have used it way more than he has.

La Quinta Library
 Staying at home to care for my children has posed a challenge to maintain a healthy intellectual balance.  Sesame Street & Teletubbies just don't cut it, and I seriously no longer have time to read the paper, watch the news, or pick up a magazine or book.  When I really start to feel the need to feed my knowledge & intelligence I head to the library.  I check out literature that I have read and love (Fountain Head, Moby Dick) or go for something that I haven't read but would love to try (Jane Eyre).  Buying books and book clubs aren't in my budget & while I would LOVE to read the hot new titles.  They all come to the library eventually.

Lesley Valentine
February 14, 2010
Palm Springs 1/2 Marathon
 Physical Health is HUGE to me.  I hit the gym almost every week day 1-2 hours.  On off days I find a minimum of 30 minutes of activity for myself around the house, outside, or on the town with the family.  I discovered at a young age that the endorphins that are produced from physical activity help me to function better and be happier, and the physical benefits are an absolute plus.  I often refer to an awesome website, , for tips and up to date information.

Being social is a whole new world these days.  Face to face interaction has sort of gone the way of Facebook.  We just don't do it.  Why should we?  We have the ability to communicate electronically at our fingertips every day.  Waiting for the right time just isn't an issue anymore.  I found that it was something I needed to re-learn once I stopped working.  Co-workers & socializing at work are something that goes hand in hand for me.  When my job began at home, and only at home, I had the difficult task of figuring out how to socialize.  OMG, I had to make friends.  I had never set out with that purpose in my LIFE!  The scariest thing ever for me, but I had great success with sites like

Being raised in a very religious family, I have always had a sense of spirituality.  Finally I had the time and the need to fulfill it!  In the name of setting a good example for my children & raising them with values I set out on the task of finding a good church.  I searched small, intimate congregations near and far with no luck.  None seemed to be a good fit for our family.  FINALLY my husband suggested Southwest Community Church and we attended. The sheer size of the church always scared me a bit, but since he wanted to go too I felt more comfortable.   I was sold after 3 successful services.  It is a great fit for our family.

Though some days are blue no matter how hard you try, it doesn't mean every day has to be!  Try to make every day exciting, delicious, adventurous and enlightening.  Enjoy every moment & savor the "last taste" (what I refer to as the last bite of a delicious dessert or dish).  Soon enough you will be putting a fabulous topping on the dish that is your life.

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  1. You are a total inspiration. I am going to sit down (with this post as guidance) when I have more time and do a personal inventory to see where I can find more balance in my life.