Friday, August 27, 2010


I wanted to incorporate our adventures, artistically, into something we could keep. During our last trip to the beach, Jack found a piece of drift bamboo and it inspired me. It was partially covered in small barnicles. I thought of the somewhat large collection of shells that we had immediately. When we got home the girls and I got started on a sea shell windchime. Between my skill with the drill & theirs with beading (learned in Coronado with Kate), we designed and created a beautiful and unique seashell windchime. It was a fun family project that everyone contributed to in some way. We will remember this summer forever.


It seems we got a bit lost this summer!! The fun came upon us suddenly like waves crashing over us in a super fun storm...and didn't stop! It was awesome. Friends from near and far shared their time, homes and love with our family & we couldn't be more grateful! The entire time I wished that I could be documenting everything here, but every moment seemed to be filled with fun,food, socializing, and planning for the next exciting event. This summer's adventure has been absolutely phenomenal, we couldn't have asked for more.