Thursday, October 7, 2010

Indian Summer

Indian Summer has no definition in the desert. It is hot here until it is cold. Then it is glorious.  We are looking forward to getting some fun family time in on our bikes and bike trailers.

It is only 8 miles round trip to our Preschool and home. It takes only 30-45 minutes to complete. We plan on saving some gasoline, burning some calories & enjoying the great outdoors this fall.

Thankfully it is finally cooling off. I was able to bike over to the girls' preschool today and pick them up on my awesome bike with a trailer and baby seat. It is super fun to ride home with them in the back. We talk about the humming birds, butterflies and flowers. We note the different scents we smell: fresh cut grass, bread from the bakery, pizza from the pizza place, and simply the dry desert smell.

It is so great to find an activity for the whole family that is physical, economical, enjoyable, and educational. I highly recommend finding a way to walk, jog or ride for a purpose. To & from school, the corner market, park, or coffee shop.

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