Monday, June 14, 2010

International Flags

Sailing was the theme for my son Jack's 2nd birthday. I came up empty handed as I shopped for decor on-line, so we got creative! For the decorations the kiddos helped me construct International Code flags from construction paper. It was so fun & interesting too. Each square flag represents a different letter of the alphabet & the triangular shaped ones represent numbers. It was interesting for me to learn the designs of the different flags and their meanings, and fun to discuss it with the kids. They took an interest in learning their meanings which I thought was very cool. We taped the flags up on twine and strung them around the house. It really lent a summery, nautical air to the atmosphere!

We decided that the International Code flag decor would be very appropriate for ushering in our nautical theme for the summer, so we are leaving them up!
International Code Flag art courtesy of Donna Imgemansom

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